May 4

Too many resources what to do now????

I know parents are feeling overwhelmed trying to Telework and support their children with schoolwork. Many parents are also feeling unprepared. In addition, there is a lot of material on the internet for parents on how to teach young children and it can be overwhelming. It is akin to drinking from a firehose so where do I start? One resource I have come across that I believe gets the balance right is Commonsense education’s  Wideopenschools . Wideopenschools has an easy to follow daily schedule in addition, it has many vetted resources.

May 4

Device Management

Dear Parents

As we get deeper into remote learning, sometimes as parents we worry about children having too much screen time. It has now become a challenge to find a balance between on-screen activities and off-screen activities when using technology. In addition, it is also important that parents should be able to monitor what their children are viewing. I have prepared a few guidelines for device management. In the device management guideline you will find:

  1. General suggestions for technology use.
  2. Device management and filtering.
  3. Device management for Apple devices.
April 2

Welcome to the LES Technology Blog

Dear LES Families,

This blog will be updated once with a variety of suggestions to keep your children engaged and learning during the school closure. I know your children will use a lot of technology during this period so I would like to make myself available for any technical difficulty they may have. In addition, students can still practice their coding skills by going login into their accounts. If they have forgotten their usernames and passwords, you can get in touch with their classroom teacher.

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy despite the unusual circumstances.

Warm regards,

Mr. Mwangi

March 11

Writing Aid Extensions on Chrome

Do you ever struggle with the right thing to say in an email? Do you quickly answer your emails and get responses that need clarification? Google Chrome now has extensions that help with writing. The two free popular chrome extensions for writing help are Grammarly and ProWritingAid. The two extensions both have a free and paid version. I recommend going with the free basic versions because they cover spelling and grammar sufficiently. However, ProWritingAid is a little more robust because it also checks for writing style and improved readability. The extensions automatically turn on when you are typing in any application whether it is email or Google Docs.